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Congratulations Pritish!! For publishing on Nature Materials.

Pritish Aklujkar got his first article published in Nature Materials, titled: Chromogenic identification of breakdown, which is about: early detection of electrical degradation can be identified by colour change due to the chromogenic response of blended molecules in dielectric polymers.

Link to Journal:

Congratulations John!! for CCEI’s 2024 Summer Fellowship.

Entrepreneur John Toribio got selected for CCEI’s 2024 Summer Fellowship. In “Toribio Labs” he is developing a wearable continuous health-monitoring system that provides actionable insights for athletics and health care, based on smart clothing and AI.

We are proud of you. All the best for your future.


Congratulations!! Dr. Ryan Gentile.

Congratulations Dr. Ryan Gentile for completing his Doctoral Dissertation Defense! The title was “Enhanced Dielectric Materials for use as Thin Films in Capacitor Applications via Computational Properties Prediction and Experimental Methods.