The Sotzing Group is focused on the Synthesis, Characterization, and Preparation of Devices consisting of optical, optoelectronic and electronic polymers.  Synthesis entails the preparation and characterization of small molecule organics that are used as monomers for step growth polymerization.  We are primarily interested in polymers that conduct electricity, or are high dielectric constant polymers with low loss.  Another primary interest is in materials that change color upon charge injection/removal, electrochromic polymers.


1. To process electrochromic polymers that lead to a 1-step manufacture of electrochromic devices, and to simplify the synthetic process of making these polymers by achieving a full color selection of polymers through the use of two monomers.

2. To achieve very high conductivity in conductive polymers for the replacement of indium doped tin oxide, and possibly the replacement of metal in circuits.

3. To explore the periodic table for making polymers with high dielectric constant, and low loss, while achieving high thermal stability.